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Why Do I Need a Licence to Play Music?

How it Works

Businesses get a OneMusic licence

You gain the legal permission needed to play our music in your business.

Music creators get paid royalties

Your licence fee is distributed by APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ.

Businesses Play Music

Music enhances your business, and you benefit by entertaining staff and customers.

Music creators keep making music

Crafting music takes time, money and creativity, and your licence is part of the process.

Using Music in a Business

Having permission to play music in a business is a legal requirement, regardless of the industry you operate in or how you use music.

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Live Streaming Activity during lockdown

Until the 31 October 2021, OneMusic will cover Live Streamed fitness, wellbeing and dance classes, council library sessions, community music group activities, “other” business streaming and live music concerts, hosted for your members, students, and customers.

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Covid-19 Update

The OneMusic team have moved out of the office and are working from home.

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Lone Star shines bright in Whangarei

Richard Loader from Business North sat down to talk with Angus Rush about Whangarei’s latest edition, Lone Star. As a music buff, Angus reckons his restaurant has the best play list, hands down.

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