Willow Shoes: Empowering Taller Woman with Style and a Soundtrack

At Willow Shoes, Georgie Falloon and her wonderful team specialise in providing a huge range of shoes designed for taller women.

If you were to pay a visit to either of the stores in Christchurch or Auckland, you would find yourself at a location away from any main shopping centres and in a large, open space with high ceilings. For founder Georgie Falloon, the details were key when it came to creating this retail space. Willow Shoes has been designed so women can feel feminine and fabulous throughout their shopping experience.

Georgie Falloon

As a OneMusic licensed premises, there are no awkward silences - upbeat music creates an inviting shopping experience. Georgie says, “everything we do in the space is about the customers feeling great about who they are. We offer a huge selection of shoe colours and styles, and our customers could be anyone from a 15-year-old girl to an 80-year-old woman.”

There’s always music playing in Willow Shoes, a playlist of empowering and confident women echoing through the shop. With some customers spending over an hour in the space, Georgie says the music adds an extra layer of privacy for any conversations with the shop assistant.

Trudi Store Manager
Trudi Willow Shoes Store Manager

As a business, it’s really important to think about what music you’re playing. P!NK is a good artist for our market – she’s fun and empowering. We play a lot of female artists actually.

Georgie, who has size 12 feet herself, used to dread shoe shopping. She found most stores had a very limited range of shoes available for women with larger feet. This is where Willow Shoes was born and ever since 2003, Georgie has been on a mission to make shoe shopping an enjoyable experience for those with bigger feet.

One of the things I enjoy most is when someone comes in and they don’t believe they’ll find a pair of shoes. When we help them find something they like, everything about them lights up – we see a total transformation.

Today, with both a loyal customer base and a growing number of new feet to find fashionable shoes for, Willow Shoes is a store you’ll feel comfortable in the second you walk through the door.

And with the music always tailored to enhance the shopping experience, heads up - you will quickly find yourself dancing your way around the store as you search for your new pair of shoes!

Willow Shoes

Visit Willow Shoes at either of their Christchurch or Auckland locations below:

Auckland Store: 113 Sandringham Road, Mt Eden.
Open Monday-Saturday, 10am – 4pm.

Christchurch Store: 97- 99 Westminster Street, St Albans
Open Monday-Saturday, 10am - 4pm


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