Background Music Suppliers

Sourcing a constant library of tunes that hit the mark with your audience, addressing technical issues like audio quality and seamless volume levels between songs, can make music selection for your business complex and time consuming.

Many businesses choose to use Background Music Suppliers, who are professional music consultants that take the headache out of selecting music for your staff and customers.


We’ve created a catalogue of Background Music Suppliers. Click the logos below to be directed to their website for information on their services and fees. This is not a comparison, and we can't play favourites – this is an open catalogue for you to make the choice on which one best meets your businesses music needs. You won't see Apple Music, Spotify and the like, on this page as those digital services are for personal use only, non-commercial use. Find out more here.


An important note on Music Licensing. The Background Music Supplier may not cover the public performance requirement as part of their service package and you will need this from OneMusic directly. If you decide to use one of these listed suppliers, please let us know, as they may cover the Music Dubbing requirement. If a Background Music Supplier is not for you, click here to obtain the music licence for your industry.