Goat Horn Café: A community gem serving fudge and music treats.

Along the main street in Waipawa sits a little café run by young entrepreneur Josh Renall. The café is situated in the heart of Central Hawkes Bay where it embraces the small-town spirit and is proudly supported by the local community.

Ever since April 2023 when Goat Horn first opened its doors, Josh has taken pride in providing spectacular service in a space which is both upbeat and ambient from the café’s design right down to the music choices.

When asked about where the cafe name comes from Josh explained, “The name ‘Goat Horn’ is just a name that felt country-like and one that would stick in your head.”

Josh Renall

Goat Horn’s OneMusic license allows the café to play music and keep this upbeat atmosphere alive with customers normally treated to music from the 70s, 80s and 90s.  

Josh shared that the genre of music varies, “Some days call for rock or country music as well as tracks from local Kiwi artists.” And if you happen to visit the café on the same day as an artist’s birthday, you’ll likely hear their songs being played too.

Music is important to bring energy to a business and help set the mood for a place.

This is all part of the team at Goat Horn Café’s mission to make every customer happy with their service and food – something Josh loves working towards.

I enjoy making people happy with my service and my food such as my baking, fudge, coffee and meals. It keeps me busy as I'm someone who can’t sit still and do nothing every day.

Even before the café opens and after it closes, music sustains the energy with Josh sharing the volume often gets louder as the team prepares for the day or as they are winding down.

Goat Horn Cafe

It’s clear Goat Horn Café is doing something right, with customers sharing their support in the form of beaming reviews – a testament to the team’s dedication.

Josh continues to attract regulars from the community as people pour in to experience atmosphere and sweet and savoury treats in the heart of Waipawa.

You can visit Goat Horn Café at 12 High Street, Waipawa 4210.


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