OneMusic Recognises the Music with Audoo

It’s always been our mission to pay public performance royalties accurately. We've invested in a rollout of the Audoo Audio Meter™, a device which recognises music played in your business.

No matter the business, big or small, chain or independent, music sets the tone. Whether that’s the local pub, your favourite chill-out café, your weekend spin class or when you’re out shopping. The individuality of the music – often hand-picked by the owner and their staff – helps breathe life into ordinary spaces.

An important step for any emerging, mid-career, or heritage music creator is to get paid. Audoo Audio Meters will help us better identify the songs being played in businesses to give us greater insight and help inform our royalty distribution.

How can OneMusic licensees get involved?

Spots are limited. Register now for the installation of an Audoo Audio Meter to have your business’ taste in music make more of an impact on the income of the music creators you play.

Recognising the music in your business is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Register for an Audoo Audio Meter
  2. We will arrange a time that suits for a technician to come and set it up
  3. Business as usual! Set and forget!

OneMusic Audoo Device
A technician will come to your business and install the mobile-phone-sized device which simply plugs into your wall. The Audoo Audio Meter will recognise music played using fingerprint technology (no conversation or audio is recorded).

The songs being played are relayed back to Audoo via cellular data (no Wi-Fi) and each month will be reported to APRA AMCOS (one of the organisations behind OneMusic) to ingest the data into their systems. Click here for FAQs or watch the video below.


Who is Audoo?

Music-tech start-up Audoo has financial backers that include ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus. Audoo's CEO and founder, Ryan Edwards (himself a musician) is on a mission to revolutionise public performance royalties. Audoo is backed by high-profile investors and is supported by an advisory board of industry stakeholders. Four-year-old Audoo has raised a total of nearly AUD$26.8 million in private funding.

Over 400 music rights management organisations in the world will be watching industry-leading New Zealand and Australian-based APRA AMCOS and OneMusic.

If our technology is adopted by all New Zealand and Australian licenced premises, it will log over 15.3 million plays Every. Single. Day.* We’ll know – with certainty and in detail – exactly what music everyone’s enjoying, for the very first time in public performance history.

*Based on the average 8hr working day

The Audoo Audio Meter “is packed with some of the world’s most sophisticated signal processing capabilities, which enable accurate track IDs even in noisy environments”, as reported in PROs Are Quietly Reinventing Themselves — By Potentially Counting Every Single Song Played (Digital Music News)

When tracks are individually recognised, artists can expect to be paid fairly and accurately whenever and wherever their music is played.

Where does your licence fee go?

Your OneMusic licence fee is distributed by APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ, who are the organisations behind OneMusic. Each have a commitment to their music creators and their own distribution policies. Click here to find out more.