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After 20 years in the fitness industry, Jimmy August decided it was time to create a space of his own where people could come and experience a holistic approach to health. In his prior work as a trainer for Les Mills, and then in health club management, he discovered his passion was around innovation and successful wellness initiatives. That’s where ReDefined Wellbeing Hub was born and has since been recognised at the 2023 Exercise Awards, winning the OneMusic sponsored, Independent Facility of the Year award.

ReDefined Wellbeing Hub

With four studios available to those with a membership, Jimmy and his team of experts are kept busy running strength training, hot yoga, pilates and everything else in between. This means there’s a diverse range of music on replay every day at the OneMusic-licensed venue.

“Music is integral at ReDefined. Exercise and music go hand in hand – one can’t exist without the other in my opinion,” says Jimmy.

Jimmy shared that even though his staff all have their different areas of exercise expertise, they are aligned on the sentiment that music makes the biggest difference in a class.

We play a wide range of genres, anything upbeat always goes down well, but it does vary from studio to studio as we want to match the music to the tempo of the class.

ReDefined Wellbeing Hub
“Mindbody studio vs. performance studio are completely different energies. In a yoga class the music is going to have a lower tempo whereas in a boxing class, the music will have higher beats per minute to keep people energised.”

Of course, just as there are always new tracks being released, the music at ReDefined Wellbeing Hub is evolving too with the team constantly looking at new ways to cater music to suit the exercise options on offer.

We’re always looking to the future with innovation being such a big part of what we do. We’ve actually got a new trainer coming on who is focused on the neuroscience behind getting into the flow state and music is a big part of this.

One of the things Jimmy loves the most about his work at ReDefined Wellbeing Hub is that everyone is welcome to come and discover ways to live a long, happy, and connected life – and all of that’s taking place under one roof!

It starts as you walk in the door where you’ll be greeted at reception by a friendly face and some chill background house music which really sets the mood for the whole experience.

In his time in the exercise industry, Jimmy has learnt it’s important to back himself and what he believes, while also being resilient. This is why ReDefined WellBeing Hub is set up from the get-go to be an environment where people will feel comfortable pursuing the best versions of themselves.

ReDefined Wellbeing Hub

If you find yourself in one of Jimmy’s classes, he admits he’s always partial to a bit of DnB and Progressive House, but it really depends on the pace of the class he’s running.

Visit Jimmy and the team to see how they’re ‘ReDefining’ wellbeing @

Monday to Friday, 5:15am to 8pm
Saturday, 5:15am to 7pm.

58 Ashley Place, Papamoa Beach, Papamoa 3118


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