Audoo captures over 46,900 hours of music from Kiwi businesses

Playing music in businesses is not just about providing background noise; it's a strategic tool that can significantly impact the overall customer experience, brand perception, and even operational efficiency. Businesses that thoughtfully integrate music into their environments can gain a competitive edge and foster positive connections with their audience.

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In an age where the music choices for a business are greater than ever before. This expansion of choice also means an expansion of the technology used by the organisations who are responsible for ensuring music creators permission is gained by businesses, and their deserved royalties are paid.

In November 2022, OneMusic partnered with Audoo. Their state-of-the-art technology accurately tracks the music played in businesses, in real time. Allowing OneMusic to have a direct window of music play data onsite at a business and helps answer the question “How do you know what I am playing?”.

In 2023, Audoo recognised over 46,900 hours of music in New Zealand businesses. Out of these hours over 105,580 unique songs were captured, with the data featuring 51,650 unique artists.

Hours and hours of music, gives us more insight.
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 Beginning in Auckland, with devices now also located in Wellington and Christchurch. The partnership with Audoo reflects OneMusic’s mission to understand exactly what music is played in a business to enable more accurate music royalty distribution of licence fees.

With the aid of Audoo and businesses, OneMusic aims to gain greater data insight based on songs recognised. Giving businesses more certainty that their licence fees are an accurate reflection of the day-to-day music play.

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