Yonder: Where Live Music Thrives in Queenstown

Since its opening in 2017, Yonder has established itself as the ultimate destination for delectable cuisine and outstanding musical performances from both local and international acts. Recognising the exceptional experience it offers, Yonder was recently honoured with the OneMusic Outstanding Ambience & Design award at the Southern Lakes Hospitality Awards.

Owner Gary Livesey, always found fulfillment in the hospitality industry. However, as he began to feel creatively stifled in his office job, he decided it was time for a change. Today, his passion and meticulous attention to detail have materialised into Yonder—a restaurant that brings the Queenstown community together through brunch, dinner, cocktails, and live events.

Choosing to dine at Yonder means embracing a diverse range of culinary delights, ranging from epic meat dishes to flavourful vegan options. The emphasis is on ensuring everyone feels welcome and catered to. As Gary puts it, "Our goal is to put a smile on people's faces through exceptional hospitality and an awesome team."

When asked about the importance of music to the venue, Gary's response was unequivocal.

Music is everything to our business. It infuses our establishment with culture, life, intrigue, and fun, rejuvenating our community.

By carefully selecting the right music, Yonder's team ensures that guests embark on an unforgettable experience. The music at Yonder varies throughout the day, encompassing artists like Anderson Paak or Little Sims in the mornings, and transitioning to disco funk and soul in the evenings.

This ability to curate a diverse range of sounds enhances every visit to Yonder—an understanding Gary has gained over his extensive experience in the hospitality industry since the age of 19.

Gary understands the importance of having a music license through OneMusic. This license ensures that artists are fairly compensated for their work while allowing Yonder to create an enriched ambiance for their guests without infringing upon copyright laws. By supporting artists and obtaining the necessary licenses, Yonder fosters a thriving music community while respecting musicians' rights and livelihoods.

This music community is proven by Yonder’s a jam-packed schedule of events for both locals and visitors to anticipate. Music takes center stage, with "full band open mic nights" held every Thursday and "patio beats with a live DJ" on Fridays. Ultimately, Yonder offers some of the freshest beats and gigs around, along with a host of up-and-coming acts.

Recently, Yonder proudly hosted the debut performance of Melbourne trio 'The Grogans' in Queenstown. This night was just one example of the countless occasions where Gary witnessed guests come together, dancing and creating lasting memories.

Visit Yonder at 14 Church Street in Queenstown to experience the true home of live music firsthand.

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