Shine On: Helping Find Inspiration and Self-Expression Through Music and Fashion

Homegrown NZ-owned fashion retailer Shine On has been providing fashion-forward clothing to Kiwi women since 2007. What started as an online-only Trade Me store based in West Auckland has now grown to include three physical stores across Auckland and one in Christchurch with over 120 staff - making Shine On a well known and loved clothing store here in New Zealand.

Shine On is known for creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for their customers, both online and in-store. The team strongly believes that feeling comfortable and confident in what you wear is important, and they feel privileged to play a role in their customer’s journey to "Embrace the Brave and Beautiful You."

Cliff Hopkins became the Managing Director of Shine On in 2015, joining his sister and brother-in-law Fiona and Gene Kirkpatrick, who have been running the business since 2007.

He shared his insights with us on how being licenced by OneMusic not only supports the music economy so that artists are paid for what they create, but that it is something that truly complements their business.

Music is very important to the feel of our stores. A store without music would be incomplete – like a movie without a score. For us, music completes the experience and encourages customers to get into the vibe and enjoy spending time in the store.

At Shine On, they want their customers to feel confident and empowered, and playing music is a big part of that. The team put a lot of thought into the music they play, making sure it fits their brand and resonates with their customers. You’ll usually hear them play modern, clean pop – cheerful, laid back and catchy – with some well-known artists such as Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus, and Ed Sheeran.

Music is a key element of the shopping experience they offer to their customers. "Our stores are an experience combining great personal interaction, visual aesthetic, and trending products. Music helps create our ambience," says Cliff.

While creating an inviting atmosphere, music also helps reinforce Shine On's brand image. Cliff explains,

The music we play helps convey our brand's personality and vibe. We want our customers to feel good and confident, and the right music can help achieve that.

Shine On has been in business for over a decade, and they have learned many valuable lessons along the way. "Our biggest learning has been that people are everything – focus on treating your staff right, and the staff will look after your customers, ultimately then, the business will succeed," says Cliff. "Creating a compelling vision and sharing the reasons you are in business with your team is often overlooked by owners but is incredibly important," he adds.

Shine On Albany Store

One of the best parts of running the business, according to Cliff, is providing a place that people really want to come to work in – and creating a fun and exciting journey for them. “Having loyal and engaged staff is rewarding to us. We enjoy the journey."

With four physical stores and a thriving online presence, Shine On is committed to providing an inspirational shopping experience to Kiwi women.

You can go online or visit their latest retail store which recently opened in March 2023 at 65 Greville Road, Pinehill, Albany.

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