Elevating the Ambiance: How Music Sets the Tone at Kohi Beach Eatery

Situated along the scenic shores of Kohimarama Beach in Auckland, Kohi Beach Eatery is the charming establishment that takes pride in offering a relaxed dining experience to its sea-side patrons. From its locally sourced menu to its picturesque location, this all-day eatery holds a special place in the of locals and visitors alike.

Kohi Beach Eatery’s clever use of music has seen them take home the Outstanding Local Establishment – East, at the Lewisham Awards. We sat down Operational Manager Lorene, and Chef Tim, to explore the significant role that music plays in elevating the space.

Owners of Kohi Beach Eatery, Gareth and James, are known for having a wealth of experience in the hospitality industry and have instilled a great sense of community at Kohi Beach Eatery. Tim and Lorene, who joined shortly after the new owners took over, share this sentiment. Lorene states,

Community is something that is super important to all of us here. We're keen on making genuine connections with our diners and providing a meeting spot for locals to come together.

Describing the essence of their establishment, Lorene says, “Kohi feels close to home, and you can see that in our repeat customers. Understanding how we use the space is important - letting the location speak for itself with a laid-back, airy, open atmosphere.”

Kohimarama Beach

Kohi Beach Eatery embraces its surroundings and mirrors the beauty of the ocean, with music serving as a powerful tool in enhancing the energy and ambiance at Kohi Beach Eatery. Lorene explains,

Music is a crucial element of our identity. We carefully curate our playlist to match the vibe of our establishment, creating an atmosphere that is both uplifting and relaxing.

Tim adds, “We need the music to match the location and the vibe. For example, on a rainy morning, we might play low jazzy tunes to create a cozy atmosphere. During the five o'clock happy hour, we aim to change the music along with the mood. We also are really proud to feature live performances by local artists, people who live right here in Kohimarama! That has been a real highlight.”

Kohi Beach Eatery understands the importance of curating memorable experiences for its guests. Tim reminisces, “There was a certain time of day when ‘Texas Sun’ by Khruangbin & Leon Bridges would come on, and every time it played, I'd think ‘thats the one!’ and we would watch people just sit back in the sun and enjoy the moment.”

Kohi Beach Eatery Team

Lorene says music not only elevates the guest experience but also enhances the energy and motivation of the Kohi Beach Eatery team. Lorene emphasises,

Music is super important for the energy of the team. If the music is too slow or sad, it makes it really hard. We want our team to feel uplifted to create a positive environment for everyone.

Reflecting on their journey to date, Tim and Lorene agree that running a restaurant is a continuous learning experience. One of the most valuable lessons they have learned is the importance of ambiance in shaping the overall dining experience. Being licenced by OneMusic, they know that music has a profound impact on how people perceive and engage with our space.

Kohi Beach Eatery's commitment to creating an exceptional dining experience is evident through their attention to detail, including the strategic use of music. By thoughtfully selecting tracks that align with the time of day and the desired ambiance, they have successfully woven music into the fabric of their establishment. Tim and Lorene conclude,

We try to do simple things well - creating a warm and welcoming meeting spot where people can come together to enjoy great food and good company

Kohi Beach Eatery Brunch

Visit Kohi Beach Eatery at 237 Tamaki Drive, Kohimarama, Auckland - they’re hard to miss!

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