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“Music is all around us all the time and so often we take it for granted because it’s part of our eco-system”.

Police, don't stop the music! OneMusic chases restaurants, cafes to pay for their background tunes

You’d be hard-pressed to walk into a cafe or retail store with no music playing – but too often, music creators are not getting money they’re owed for providing the background sounds to your morning coffee.

Click here to read the article from Amberleigh Jack and Jonny Mahon-Heap.

The RNZ Pre-Panel with Alexia Russell and James Elliott

Wallace and panellists Alexia Russell and James Elliott discuss music royalties: should cafés have to pay to play a Spotify playlist in the background while patrons enjoy their coffee?

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Music plays a part in business success, from cafés, bars and restaurants, shops, hairdressers, gyms, dance schools, offices, on hold music, and more, without music you really notice the silence. Learn more about the music licences we have available for your business here.