Tropical Vibes and Great Bites: Hone's Garden Strikes the Perfect Chord

Nestled in the picturesque town of Russell in the Bay of Islands, Hone's Garden stands as a laid-back tropical craft beer garden with house made wood-fired pizzas and a selection of fine New Zealand wines. Owned and operated by the passionate entrepreneur, Nick Loosley, this vibrant establishment has become a much-loved destination for locals and tourists alike.

Hone’s Garden has received the OneMusic Outstanding Ambience & Design at the Northland Hospitality Awards earlier this year, and they also took home the Restaurant Association of NZ Outstanding Front of House Team. Nick is stoked to have the awards and reaffirm their commitment to creating an immersive dining experience, known and loved by those who visit the garden.

Hone's Garden Team

Nick and the team’s passion for providing exceptional service and creating a warm, welcoming atmosphere shines through in every aspect of Hone’s Garden. With years of experience in the hospitality industry, Nick is also the brain behind the initiative Everybody Eats and is a passionate advocate for helping solve the problems of food waste and food poverty in New Zealand.

At Hone's Garden, music is what makes the place super special. It plays a pivotal role in bringing people together and takes the whole environment to the next level. It's not just background noise; it's the secret ingredient that makes everything feel more uplifted.

Nick says that music has always been a part of the vision for the space and knows that being licensed by OneMusic ensures that the venue can support the talented artists whose work enhances the space.

The best part for Nick is seeing customers happy - whether the diners are locals in the area or visiting the Bay of Islands on holiday. Overall, Hone's Garden is as an atmosphere especially designed for creating some great memories while clinking glasses and getting amongst the iconic woodfired pizzas.

Nick says the musical selection at Hone’s Garden is a blend of genres that reflects the beer garden’s tropical atmosphere. There are a diverse range of artists played at the venue creating a soundscape that enhances the already vibrant space. Through carefully curated playlists and occasional live performances, guests can discover local Kiwi artists, reggae, electronic beats, and soothing acoustic tunes.

Hone's Garden Drinks Hone's Garden Food

The interplay between food, drink, and music is something the team are proud of – it elevates the overall experience, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and showcases the best of what Russell has to offer.

Visit Hone’s Garden tucked away at 10 York Street, Russell

Hone's Garden Pizza

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