Shop Unique, Listen Local: The GiftBox Co. Experience

Established in December 2021, GiftBox Co. is the Auckland-based boutique business that has become a go-to for customers looking for unique gift options. It offers a range of curated gift boxes and individual products from local businesses across New Zealand – making gift-giving a breeze.

Starting as an online-only business in Tauranga owner Sean Joaquin-Dent has since expanded the business with a flagship store in Victoria Park Market, Auckland. We spoke to him about the role music plays in the GiftBox Co. in-store shopping experience.

Sean says that GiftBox Co. was born from the simple fact that life can get hectic. “When juggling family life, work, and social commitments, finding the perfect gift can seem like an overwhelming task and GiftBox Co. strives to make the experience of shopping for a gift as easy and stress-free as possible.”

Being licensed by OneMusic, Sean says playing music is important to the store.

Having music playing in the background encourages customers to come in and enjoy spending time browsing products

To make the shopping experience a breeze, the boutique offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere where customers can browse, and the friendly staff are on hand to assist in finding the perfect gift for any occasion.

GiftBox Co. typically plays local NZ artists, both new and old, as well as house/chill-out music. Sean believes that “music sets the mood and atmosphere of a welcoming, interesting space to be in.”

Not only does music enhance the shopping experience, but it’s also something that helps Sean keep motivated during the day.

It means during quiet times I have something to sing along to! It’s good to listen to music to keep energised and focused on day-to-day tasks.

Sean's background is in telecommunications and project management. He always wanted to start his own business, but it wasn't until lockdown that he found his calling. "During lockdown, I came across a GiftBox Co. business that was for sale and that sparked my interest. Sadly, I was too late, and the business had already been sold - so I decided to go for it and set up my own business from scratch."

When asked about the best part of running his business, Sean said, "I love managing my own time and working with customers to promote locally made, small business products from New Zealand.  I can be as creative as I want to be. Starting a business from scratch is a learning curve that never really ends, but I totally enjoy every aspect so far."

Like most entrepreneurs, Sean has learned a lot along the way. One of his biggest challenges has been social media content and engagement. "Trying to work out what is engaging content is challenging and sometimes feels like a full-time job in itself."

Sean's business is a testament to the importance of promoting locally made and unique products. As he continues to grow his business, his use of music instore is just one of the many ways he creates a welcoming and interesting space for his customers.

Visit the GiftBox Co. boutique in Victoria Park, Auckland at 210 Victoria St West, Auckland CBD.

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