End of Year Performance Licences

Just like your OneMusic Dance Instruction licence covers your music use in your dance classes throughout the year, it’s also important to have the permission in place for the music you want to use in your End of Year performance – ideally before you start rehearsals.

APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ work as intermediaries between you and the rights holders. On occasion it is not possible to obtain clearance for the use of some songs and compositions. To avoid disappointment, please apply for both APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ licences as soon as you have selected the songs you would like to use. If you’ve already got your application in to us, we’ll be in touch shortly.


1. APRA AMCOS Licence
APRA AMCOS represent Songwriters, Composers and Music Publishers. To find out more visit apraamcos.co.nz.

> Click here to complete the online APRA Event Licence Enquiry Form


2. Recorded Music NZ Licence
Recorded Music NZ represent Recording Artists and Record Labels. If sound recordings are used, the permission of rights holders is required. To find out more visit recordedmusic.co.nz.

> Click here to download & complete the Recorded Music NZ Special Event Licence Application
Return to: Jubt Avery jubt@recordedmusic.co.nz


3. OneMusic Video Licence
This licence covers you for filming performances that include music and making the recordings available to students, their friends and family, for free or at cost. This licence also includes the option for additional online streaming via a password protected website.

> Click here to find out more about the OneMusic Domestic Use Video Licences
Download either the Single or Annual licence application, complete and return to info@onemusicnz.com


These licences are your key to the legal use of our music and unlocks the permission you need to play it.

When you play music in your business this is considered a public performance under the New Zealand Copyright Act. The Act allows music creators to control the use of their work and earn an income, and means that your business needs permission from the people who make and own the music you play.

We represent the rights to play essentially all commercially released music from anywhere around the world. When you hear about music royalties, that’s what we do. Click here for more.