Personalised Support and Music Compliance: Aroha Funerals Leads the Way

Aroha Funerals is an Auckland-based funeral service provider offering compassionate and personalised support to families during difficult times. The company recently learned about the OneMusic licensing requirements for playing music at their venues. We sat down with Gillian, who has been involved with the business from the start, and she is encouraging other businesses far and wide to follow suit.

We've always believed in providing a memorable and respectful service for our clients, and music is often an important aspect of this, but needing a license to play music was something that we hadn't considered in a lot of detail.

Gillian emphasised the importance of other businesses recognising these requirements as well, understanding that many businesses may not be aware of these licensing requirements.

"When we sought advice about it, we recognised how important it is to comply with these requirements to avoid any issues.”

To other business owners, I’d say it's important to do your research and make sure that you have the necessary licenses and permissions before playing music at any event.

For Aroha Funerals, they not only recognise the importance of complying with licensing requirements, but they also understand the significance of music in personalising a funeral service.

They know that music is an essential aspect of a funeral service as it can help to evoke memories and emotions that can help provide comfort to grieving families.

"That's why we offer a wide range of music options, from classical to contemporary, to ensure that we can provide a bespoke service that meets any family's needs," says Gillian.

Aroha Funerals Team

In addition to highlighting the importance of complying with licensing requirements, Aroha Funerals is dedicated to supporting families during difficult times to make a positive difference and strives to provide support where it is needed most.

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Learn more about the music licences we have available for your business here.