NZ Music Month Special Edition

To kick off NZ Music Month check out our piece in the TimeOut Magazine issued Monday 2 May 2022.

Music in a business is different to listening
to music at home

The change in scenery means a change in the rights,
and businesses need permission to play music in their workplaces.

The music we consume every day is made available to us for personal or domestic use only. When music is used in a business, legally this is considered a public performance.

This includes music in all forms, from live music, to digital music services, even talkback radio and sports on TV.

Music creators are businesses too, and granting permission to play what they have created is one of the ways they earn an income.

The Copyright Act 1994 grants music creators exclusive rights over how their work is used, and provides a legal framework to enable them to earn a living from their art.

New Zealand is not unique, check the terms and conditions on your CDs and online. You’ll find statements like personal use only or not authorised for public performance.

What does a OneMusic licence mean to a business?

  1. Permission. When businesses play music that is protected by copyright, New Zealand law requires permission (a licence) from the creators.

  2. It shows a business respects and supports music creators who spend countless hours learning and creating the music businesses want to use.

  3. Businesses benefit by playing music. Music creates a better atmosphere, and keeps staff and customers entertained and engaged.


When you hear about music royalties, that’s what we do.

OneMusic licence fees are distributed by APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ, who are the companies behind OneMusic.

Instead of businesses having to contact and get permission from every songwriter, composer, publisher, recording artist and record label, for every single song they play – they get a licence with us.

The OneMusic licence gives businesses permission to play essentially all commercially released music from here and around the world.

Your favourite musicians play a part
in your business success,
play a part in theirs with a music licence from us.

Learn more about the music licences we have available for your business here.

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