Good Vibes Only at Taranaki’s Shining Peak Brewing

When Jesse Sigurdsson opened Shining Peak Brewing nearly four years ago his aim was to provide a hub for Taranaki locals, where good vibes and great music could bring people together to enjoy delicious food, cold beer and each other’s company.

Fast forward to today and Shining Peak is now recognised as a multi award winning bar, restaurant and brewery where regulars and visitors alike love to while away their time – as well as a business that has actively given over $150,000 back into the local community through a range of notable charities and organisations.  

“We wanted to create a great bar and restaurant but we also wanted to do a bit of good along the way,” says Jesse. “Early on we implemented our 5% Project, where 5% of all tap beer revenue goes to a different charity each month, and we’ve been really proud of that success.”

You definitely feel better about having a beer after work when you know it’s contributing to something a lot bigger!

And that’s exactly what Shining Peak Brewery is all about, simply bringing people together and making a real difference while they do it. As the winners of OneMusic Outstanding Ambience and Design at the Restaurant Association Taranaki Hospitality Awards, Shining Peak Brewery is proud of the work they’ve done for their space and for their team to be recognised in this way.

Jesse Sigurdsson Head Brewer & Director of Beer

Split into three key sections, Shining Peak Brewery has something for everyone. Up the front is the bar, with cosy areas for dining that are perfect for dates or groups of three. Continue on and come face to face with the stainless-steel tanks that are synonymous with brew pubs and allows the team to brew up to 2,000 litres, twice a week. It lends an industrial feel to the building, which is then softened with greenery and booth seating to ensure a welcoming and casual vibe.

Finally, the jewel in the Shining Peak Brewery’s crown, the back garden bar. This easily-accessible space is where the Taranaki community from all walks of life come together. Friday nights see the garden bar filled with people enjoying a drink after work, while the weekend sees families coming together to eat and drink while their children play – all set to the backdrop of feel-good music pumping through an impressive Sonos speaker system, thanks to their music licence with OneMusic.

“It’s a nice, relaxed vibe in here at all times and the music definitely adds to that. If there’s some good, upbeat music, you’re far more likely to settle in, socialise and enjoy yourself,” says Jesse. “We do tend to play a lot more dance music the closer we get to 5pm on a Friday, but there could also be a huge lunch rush mid-week and so we’ll be playing house music then to match the vibe!”

Every second Sunday the Shining Peak Brewery also has live music, with bands from the surrounding area coming to play and end the week on a high. “We had a band call Trip Change one weekend and that really went off. They were very cool and ran a tight operation,” said Jesse. “Their sound was that classic Kiwi mix of rock and reggae and the crowd loved it.” 

The Brewery prides itself on the huge range of music they play, with regular favourites on their OneMusic licenced playlist including Hot Chip, Milky Charms Franz Ferdinand, Strokes and Foster the People. Kiwi music doesn’t get left out either, with LAB, Benne and the Black Seeds putting in regular appearances through the speakers.

With a range of 13 diverse beers on tap at any one time, each with a Taranaki name, story and titbits of Taranaki’s history attached, it seems there’s something inclusive and welcoming at every turn at the Shining Peak Brewery. Paired with good vibes and great music, what more could you want from your local?

Visit Jesse and the team at Shining Peak Brewery at 59 Gill Street, New Plymouth, six days a week.


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