Ampersand - Orakei’s local destination for any occasion.

As winners of OneMusic Outstanding Local Establishment at the Lewisham Awards – Celebrating Excellence in Auckland Hospitality, Ampersand couldn’t be more chuffed.

We spoke with Amanda Roger, co-owner of Ampersand Eatery, on winning the Local Establishment award this past October, in reflection of the beautiful work the team have put into to the space.

The all-day eatery compliments the heart of Orakei Bay Village, as the ideal spot for both the early risers and the late-night diners alike - a place where guests can soak in the soothing view over Hobson Bay.

Amanda illustrates the space as an airy oasis, a hub where you can pop in while running your weekend errands or sit and stay for a laid-back lunch. The lofty-industrial interior, created by award-winning designers Ctrl-Space, is big, lively, and open, creating a tranquil light-filled feel in the mornings and a buzz during weekends and evenings.

As you walk in, you’ll spot the Ampersand sign, written as the symbol ‘&’ which is a sign for the word ‘and.’  Leaning into the symbolism of the sign, Ampersand prides itself on being a collaborative welcoming space.

It’s a place that runs true to its name.

“We want this to be a hub of activity, where people can come together to celebrate or collaborate in a calm space... guests can essentially come and sit down and forget about their worries,” says Amanda.

The space is licenced by OneMusic, and they pride themselves on their music curation.  

When it comes to music, the team don’t just push play, they curate the tunes to the mood of the hour.

The team are passionate about matching the music accordingly. They work to consciously monitor and gauge the guests and how they are feeling, before matching the tone of music to the mood of the eatery.

“Whether it’s busy and cheerful or slow and relaxed, we’ll be constantly altering the music to suit the vibe,” says Amanda.

The attentive team and slick service is something they pride themselves on.

When visitors come in, regulars or people new to the area, we always make sure they’re in the hands of a team that really knows food, wine, coffee and of course, music.

Visit the all-day eatery and enjoy the space for yourself at 4/228 Orakei Road, Orakei, Auckland.


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