Notice of Variation of Licence Agreements

We're varying the terms of our public performance licence agreements


DATED 31st day of August 2021

Please TAKE NOTICE that APRA New Zealand, trading as OneMusic New Zealand together with Recorded Music New Zealand, is varying the terms of its public performance Licence Agreements.

Grant of Licence Clause 1.2 is varied with an addition to sub-clause (b) as follows:

1.2 (b) Performance by way of live, DJ and/or karaoke where there is an advertised ticket price of $35 or more. In such cases a separate APRA Event Licence will be required. In addition, if sound recordings are used, the permission of rights holders is required and this can be obtained via a Recorded Music NZ Special Event Licence;

Termination Clause 5 is varied with an addition to sub-clause 5.1 as follows:

5.1 After the first Licence Year, either party may terminate the agreement by 1 month’s notice in writing (including email).

This variation will come into effect on 1 October 2021.

For further information please contact:

OneMusic New Zealand
0800 800 663