Live Streaming Exercise, Wellbeing & Dance Classes during lockdown

Until the 31 January 2022, OneMusic will cover Live Streamed fitness, wellbeing, and dance classes, hosted for your members or students as if it were a class conducted at your premises.


Due to the circumstances brought about by COVID-19, OneMusic temporarily grants this additional cover until 31 January 2022, at no additional cost, for the purpose of Live Streaming only.

There are some limitations:

OneMusic CANNOT cover Live Streaming via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, as we do not own (control) all the music rights for those platforms.

You may choose to use one of those platforms, however the music is ‘tracked' and you may be sent a takedown notice, or your Live Stream may be disrupted. Any Live Streaming via these platforms must be free and must not carry any advertising.

The Live Stream must be from a secure password-protected site (e.g. not open to non-members).

The Live Stream must only be available for viewing in New Zealand. The use of closed platforms like Zoom, Teams or Skype is permitted. The Live Stream must not include any third-party advertising.

If you cannot Live Stream from a secure password-protected site there must not be marketing or promotion to attend other than to your specific members, students, and customers.

You must not copy, store, archive, or subsequently communicate the Live Stream.


Charging a Fee or Sharing Pre-Recorded / Saved Performances

If you want to use Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and charge a fee to view/access the performance or are otherwise commercialising the stream you will need to contact APRA AMCOS to obtain a licence. Please forward requests to

The streaming of pre-recorded or saved performances of our music on these services may also require other clearances (such as synchronisation rights) from music publishers and/or record labels. Similarly, if you are looking to commercialise this activity you will need to contact APRA AMCOS to obtain a licence. Please forward requests to

Live Streaming Music Concerts

To Live Stream a Music Concert you will need to hold an APRA Events Licence. Click here to apply.
For more detail please see APRA AMCOS advice for music customers wishing to stream concerts online.

Theatre, Dance & Shows

If you're a Dance School who wants to Live Stream a theatrical performance, you will need to apply for Music in Dramatic Context licence. Click here for more information.