Live-streamed activity during COVID-19

Until 31 October 2020 we’re going to cover any live-streamed fitness, wellbeing and dance classes, council library sessions, community music group activities, “other” business streaming and live concerts you host for your members/students/customers.

(updated 28 September 2020)

All Sectors

There are some limitations for all of the sectors above:

YOU need to stream the class itself.

At the moment we CANNOT cover streams via other platforms like YouTube and Facebook. You may choose to use one of those platforms but OneMusic doesn’t own (control) all the music rights for Facebook and YouTube etc.

This means that your live stream activity using music on those platforms is ‘tracked' and you may be sent what is called a take-down notice or your live stream may be disrupted. Any live stream must be free, and must not carry any advertising.

The class must be from a secure password-protected site (i.e. not generally open to non-members).

If you cannot technically do that then there must be no marketing or promotion of the class other than to members of your business. The stream must only be available for viewing in New Zealand. The use of a closed platform such as Zoom or Skype is permitted.

We will grant the licence for the purpose of live streaming only.

We don’t have the rights to let you copy, store and subsequently communicate the class.

The stream is not to include any third-party advertising.

This additional activity under OneMusic New Zealand’s licence coverage is granted for a temporary period of six months (through to 31 October 2020) due to the extraordinary circumstances brought about by COVID-19.

Live Streaming a Music Concert

You can stream APRA AMCOS-licensed music in your music concert under our existing arrangements with these platforms, but please note this is for live stream only and excludes saving (archiving) streams to be viewed later.

The music concert stream under this licence scheme cannot include any third-party advertising or charges to view the stream.

If you intend to charge your viewers to watch your music concert or carry advertising a separate licence applies.

Funeral Services

Fortunately for funerals directors, the Streaming Package available under our licence is ready-made to stream funerals services that include copyright protected music. If you don’t currently hold that licence, and need to – if only for a temporary period – we’re here to help.

To assist our licensees further through this challenging time, we have – for a limited period and at no additional cost – agreed to extend certain rights available under our licence to allow for easier delivery of online services.

Please contact us at for more information.