The Chippery

Known locally for serving the best Fish and Chips in the capital city, The Chippery selects music with hungry Wellingtonians in mind.


Known locally for serving the best Fish and Chips in the capital city, The Chippery takes the business of serving fish and chips seriously. Alongside a selection of fish coatings and fancy frites you will also find a selection of music designed with hungry Wellingtonians in mind. We caught up with general manager Richard Samways to find out more.

What is the best thing about running The Chippery?

Working with our lovely team – they love what they do, and everyone has a say in how we do things; often they are the ones that come up with innovative ways to make The Chippery even better.

What is the most challenging thing about running The Chippery?

Sourcing fresh fish all year round. Every morning starts with finding out which boats are fishing and what they are catching and analysing the weather and events in the city to see how this will affect the demand to ensure we have enough but not too much.

What are the three things you like most about living in Wellington?

I’m an avid trail runner and foodie, so I love working in a such a creative capital city and being exposed to such cool eateries but also Wellington is so close to the Remutaka’s, and Tararua’s that I can easily escape the hustle and bustle when I need to unwind. Wellington is also centrally located making it a good base to reach other amazing parts of the country.

In the mix of things that make up The Chippery, how important is music?

Very important; our kitchens are all open, and our customers love the theatre of it. It is even better when it is accompanied by a soundtrack, on a busy night our stores are buzzing with energy.

Have you noticed differences in customer behaviour in relation to the music you are playing?

We are indeed aware that the sort of music we play can influence how our customers are feeling. For example, if we are under the pump and we sense the guests are waiting longer then they would like, we ensure the music is chilled. Combined with thoughtful hospitality we can recover from a busy spike in sales and help our customers to enjoy hanging out with us while they wait for their food.

Do you play different music at different times of the day?

Yes but also at different stores, each store attracts a slightly different crowd.

What are three artists or bands you are excited about at the moment?

My personal preferences are pretty weird and all over the place in different genres! I listen to things like Gil Scott-Heron, Manu Chau, Ana Tijoux, Hot Brass 8 Band, Dire Straits, Shapeshifter, Faithless, Johnny Cash – It all depends on my mood.

What is The Chippery’s desert island album? If there was only one album you could play all day, every day, what would it be?

That’s too hard a question! If we only had one album, it would have to please the majority. Maybe Thriller by Michael Jackson?

The Chippery has two stores – you can find them at 10 Murphy Street, Thorndon and 5 Majoribanks St, Mt Vic, Wellington, or online at

The Chippery supports music creators through holding a OneMusic licence. Learn more about music licences for hospitality businesses here.

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