Music in Hospitality

Recently we asked the hospitality industry to tell us what music means to their business – this is what they had to say...

“Music is the heart beat here. It’s what breaks the silence and gets the foot tapping. In my experience the atmosphere is just as important as great food and service. It’s the icing on the cake so to speak.”            

Steve (Gardy) Gardiner, Lone Star Cafe & Bar Nelson


"Music plays a key role in setting the atmosphere in our 1950's themed Diner. We don't just serve up delicious food & coffee along with good old fashioned hospitality - music takes our guests on a nostalgic journey - they sing along to the old school tracks and can't help smiling! It's a fun place to hang out, our team love it!"           

Kimm Moore, Cruisy Days Diner


“Music is essential to dining. Without music, a restaurant is like a drum without a beat.”

Woody Richards, The Stables Restaurant Matakana


"Music brings energy and emotion to the store, without music it feels slow and lost. Music brings back memories and can also ignite an individual, and everyone loves music."              

Sarith Thong, The Coffee Club Takanini


“Music sets the tone and ambience of the restaurant, which helps customer relax and enjoy their meals. The right music is important as it can upset the ambience if it doesn't suit its surroundings. The staff also benefit, keeps them in a good mood.”            

Lee Schwalger, Blitza Pizza


“Music is so important, it keeps our staff motivated and the customers love the playlists we pick, it's more old school stuff which goes down really well.  It's a boring workplace with no music.”

Leanne Williams, Burger Wisconsin Tauriko


“Planning the right music and adjusting throughout the day is one way to make our customers and staff feel happier and cared for, which is what Hospitality is all about.”      

Richard Samways, Thorndon Chippery


"Mexican music plays an essential role in our store ambiance and branding. Our amigos that dine in or visit us enjoy the authentic feel that music gives our restaurant."        

Simon Rowe, Mad Mex New Plymouth


“Eating out is a shared experience of great food, drink, company and conversation. The soundtrack that surrounds this experience is pivotal as music heightens all that life has to offer. Knowing that music triggers the memories that are the sheer fabric of our lives, it is as important to our business as any other facet.”    

Ken Miller, Salute Restaurant


“Music is as important as food and wine. It creates a mood, bumps the atmosphere and adds to the electricity running through the air. Encourages our customers to relax, enjoy every morsel of food and each sip from their glass. It cultivates the experience.”        

Jessica Cao, Charley Noble


“Music is as important as the food coffee and staff. We always play cruisy chill music with folky or modern attitude! If we see customers tapping feet to the beat we know we’ve found the sweet spot! Makes the day seem easy!”

Nigel Tollemache, Urban Verge Café


“The music helps to digest the food quickly and proper music with proper volume it gives peace of mind with food."

Ankit Shah, Spagalimis Pizzeria


"Music is an essential ingredient for ambiance, of course alongside lighting & design. Love, thoughtfulness and time goes into creating playlists specific to our branding and theme. After winning the One Music Ambience & Design Of The Year for Christchurch's Hospitality Awards in 2017, the importance of O.G.B's music was re-affirmed to be a vital ingredient to our success."

Laura Holcroft, O.G.B


“Our playlist has taken years of work to develop and it shows when our diners consistently remark how fun and unexpected our choices are. The music is a talking point, a curated journey of nostalgia and underground tracks. It expresses our personality & memories of growing up as eighties-kids. It has become a defining aspect of Pasture, and one that we love to work to.”           

Laura Verner, Pasture


“At Cobb & Co we are all about family, about bringing people together around the table. For us, it’s all about making wonderful memories. Music triggers memories of good times, sharing a meal, and coming together.  We have seen the deep connection music can create to a particular place and time for our guests.”      

Susan Le Comte, Cobb & Co.


“It's all about creating the right atmosphere in our casual Vineyard Restaurant.  The background music during service adds to the experience for our diners. There is also nothing like cranking out a few serious sounds for staff to rock out to during clean-up when all the customers have gone home :)          

Kylie Cornelius, Twelve Trees Vineyard Restaurant at Allan Scott Family Winemakers


"Music defines your hospitality space. If you want an upbeat, vibrant and exciting space that customers crave being a part of then your music needs to be upbeat, vibrant and exciting. Music is just as important (if not more so) than the cuisine you have on offer in creating a special space."

Chloe Parks, Little High Eatery


OneMusic represents rights of music creators from both New Zealand and around the world. One licence gives businesses the permission they need to use virtually all music from anywhere in the world, while helping to ensure that music creators are fairly compensated for the use of their work.

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