A OneMusic licence grants you the legal permission you need to play essentially all commercially released music from here and around world - from local indie rock bands to global pop stars.

Through holding a OneMusic licence you are supporting the people that make the music you enjoy while covering off your legal obligations when using our music in your business. OneMusic licences grant you the permission you need to play our music from any legal source - including digital music services, CDs, live music, television, DJs and radio.

I have paid for the music I play, so why do I need a licence?

Simply buying music does not provide the rights to use this music in a commercial or public setting. Music is sold for private, domestic use, so any use of this music by a business or organisation is considered a public performance under the Copyright Act, and requires permission (a licence) from music creators. The same rule applies whether you have purchased a physical CD, bought a digital download or use a digital music service. 

Can I use digital music services in my business?

The OneMusic licence covers you for the use of our music in your business regardless of the source – whether it’s from a radio, CDs, or a digital music service.

You should be aware that a OneMusic licence, even when it includes Music Dubbing only gives you permission to use our music in your business. It does not override the Terms of Use for the personal digital music service, nor does it give you permission to use that particular digital music service for a commercial purpose – that permission can only come from the owners of that digital music service.

Even with our licence, the use of digital music services by you in your business may be in breach of the terms and conditions of your end user agreement with that service. You should check with your service provider.

Find out more here.

What do Background Music Suppliers do?

Creating the perfect music mix for your business can be time consuming - a constant challenge to find fresh music that hits the mark with your target audience. Beyond music selection, there are also technical considerations around file quality and volume levels between songs that can make the simple act of putting on some tunes more complicated than it appears.

For these reasons businesses often choose to use Background Music Suppliers – professional music consultants that take the headache out of selecting music for your business. Below is a list of Background Music Suppliers that supply music to New Zealand businesses – contact them directly to discuss your requirements using the links below.


Background Music Suppliers

We’ve created a catalogue of Background Music Suppliers who are licensed with us. This is not a comparison, and we can't play favourites - it's an open catalogue for your personal selection. 

Click on one of the company logos below and you'll be directed to their website for more information on their services and fees. From there you can make a choice on what Supplier best meets your business needs. 

You won't see Apple Music, Spotify and the like on this page as those digital services are for personal use - not commercial use. A OneMusic licence only gives you permission to use our music at your business and it does not override the Terms of Use of the personal digital music service you are using. Our licence does not give you permission to use that particular music service for a commercial purpose. That permission can only come from the owners of that service. Find out more here. 

Your background music service provider may already include a OneMusic licence as part of its service package. Check either with us or your Background Music Supplier to confirm. 

The Music Dubbing licence from OneMusic is paid for by the Background Music Supplier, so if you make arrangements to use one of these listed suppliers you will not be charged for this. 

An important note on music licensing. Some Background Music Suppliers pay the OneMusic public performance fee on behalf of their clients, meaning that their clients pay just one bill that covers all of their music requirements. If the Background Music Supplier you use does not pay the public performance fee on your behalf, it’s important to note that you will need to take out a public performance licence from OneMusic directly.