The Copyright Act grants educational establishments the permission to use music in the course of education, however any use of music that falls outside of these exemptions requires a licence.

Does your school:

  • Play music at school fundraisers
  • Play music at school open days
  • Participate in music events such as The Big Sing
  • Play music at sporting events
  • Use music at end of year performances
  • Play music at school balls or discos

Under the Copyright Act an educational establishment can perform or play music in the course of its activities, but only to an audience of students or staff. Any other audience, including parents, is considered a 'public performance' and requires a licence. The Copyright Act also provides limited provisions for copying music, with any copying beyond these provisions requiring additional permissions.

The OneMusic Schools Licence ‘tops up’ the rights provided to schools under the Copyright Act, allowing schools to make the most of music.

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How do I get a licence?

The OneMusic licence is administered through the NZSTA. To obtain a licence for your school, email the NZSTA Copyright Coordinator on, or call 0800 663 486.

Who is OneMusic?

OneMusic is a joint licensing initiative between APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ. Many music creators around the world earn an income by granting organisations, like ours, the right to collect and pay their royalties.

OneMusic simplifies the licensing process and allows music users to meet their copyright obligations to play our music in their business.

Where does the money go?

When you hear about music royalties, that’s what we do.

Your OneMusic licence fee is distributed by APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ, who are the companies behind OneMusic. Each organisation has a commitment to their music creators and their own distribution policies.

Licence fees for the OneMusic Schools licence are distributed by analogy using data we receive from a rotating sample of schools.

After minimal administration costs all money collected is paid to our local and international music creators – songwriters, composers, publishers, recording artists and record labels.

Find out more from APRA AMCOS and Recorded Music NZ.


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