Our Partners

Our Partners

Music means business. From playing background music in retail stores to playing music in packing houses, most businesses use music in some shape or form.

With a very small number of exceptions, every business that uses music requires a OneMusic licence, granting them the legal permission they need to use music in a business setting.

Communicating with the tens of thousands of New Zealand businesses that require a music licence across virtually every industry sector is a big task. For this reason OneMusic partner with industry bodies and associations - forming relationships that aid in positioning industry associations as trusted sources of information, while educating businesses in a language they understand from people they trust.

While the ways in which we partner with organisations vary from industry to industry, activities include associate memberships, offering information sessions for association staff and their members, sponsoring awards that recognise industry excellence, running competitions and delivering education initiatives through industry publications and networks.

If you are a business interested in tapping into the resources that associations provide and staying up to date with issues that affect your industry, select your industry body below to learn more about what these associations can offer you.

Our current partnerships include: